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Artistic Grooming at Lynmar

Based now in my home, Iíve been grooming for over 35 years and although I groom my show Standard Poodles and Kerry Blue Terriers I enjoy grooming all breeds of dogs. I specialize in the fine art of scissoring and breed specific trims. Let me find the correct trim and maintenance plan for your beloved pet, or that next show prospect. Grooming time is by appointment only, so call me at (603) 673-0088. Regular grooming appointments are encouraged, and prices vary depending on the breed and the condition of the coat.

*Every complete grooming finished with a bow includes:
15 min brushing, luxury shampoo bathe and blow dry, nails cut, ears cleaned and the hand scissor trim designed for your dog or specific AKC breed.
Extra services offered for an additional $5.00 each
Teeth brushing
Nail grinding
Nail polish
Empty glands
Medicated bathe treatment
Also during Flea & TICK season let us help keep your dog protected:
Flea & Tick bathe
Apply BIOSPOT  Flea & tick preventative with your monthly grooming +$15.00
Handstripping and Dematting $45 per hour
De-skunking, $15.00 up
Nails while you wait $15
Book for you Summer grooming or Boarding now

Small Breed Specific Trims

Toy or mini poodle $60-70
Mini Schnauzer $60-70
Shihtzu or Lhasa Apso $60-70
Bichon Frise $60-70

Small Breed Bath

Pug, Beagle, MinPin, Doxi, etc. $45-55
Poms or Sheltie $60-70


Medium-Large Breed Specific Trims

Std Poodle or Mix Poodle Breeds $90-105
Wheaton / Kerry Blue Terriers $90-105
Cocker Spaniel $60-70
Springer Spaniel $70-80
Setters $80-90
Old English Sheepdog $90-105

Medium-Large Breed Bath

Rotti or Lab $55-60
Golden Retriever o Aussie $80-100
Pit Bull or Doberman $50-55
Husky or German Shepard $75-85
Nails cut while you wait! $20-25

Hand Stripping and Dematting $50 per hour

Boarding at Lynmar

$35 per day per pet.
Boarding includes individual covered runs, quality food 2X day, playtime in the big fenced yard, chews and treats daily. am and pm drops offs are arranged during business hours. Pick ups after 12:00 count as another day.

Special Price for Overnight board $50 per drop off/ pm pick up next day.

SORRY! NO SUNDAY a drop offs or pick ups!
But possible arrangements after hours can be arranged in advance with Lynn.

Schedule a viewing of the kennel so we can meet you and your dog.


Doggy Day Camp

Watch for scheduled daily play groups in our big grassy fenced yard.
Play time in the yard is always  available to dogs who are boarding here! Compatible dogs go out in small groups certain times throughout the day.
and also> for and extra fee your dog can enjoy individual walks with a qualified assistant during his stay.






Send your dog to Doggy Day Camp while you are on vacation.
He'll love you for it!



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